Software Engineer/OSS - Operations Shared Services



Software Engineer/OSS - Operations Shared Services : 0000DFI8

Role Purpose : DataStage Developer / Developer

The role holder is responsible for performing system development work around ETL, which can include both the development of new function and facilities and the on-going systems support of live systems. There are a number of job functions within the role and the job holder may specialize in a single function or alternatively a combination of functions. The functions consist of programming, analysis and support.

Programming: ensuring that accurate, clear, commented and efficient ETL program is produced from a wide range of specifications. The role involves taking instructions, usually in written or diagrammatic form, and translating them into a code. Working in teams the role holder may specialize in a few code languages and technologies, which relate to the business area in which they work.

Analysis: responsible for creating functional and/or technical design solutions and ensuring those requirements are documented. They document designs of new IT systems for others to develop and build, or document changes to small systems for others to carry out. They specify the data, files and logical operations the system will perform as well as the way data will be viewed by the user. They may be involved with the testing following completion of coding in an execution, support, and review capacity. They may also carry out implementation planning and support.

Principal Accountabilities: Key activities and decision making areas

Impact on the Business

- - Maintain and develop good, clear communications and relationships as appropriate with customers, suppliers and colleagues at every level.
- - To ensures systems support business need in terms of design and are supportable.
- - Ensure that work adheres to Group and local standards at each stage of the development.
- Demonstrate and apply excellent business domain knowledge.

Customers / Stakeholders

- - To undertake those activities assigned by Functional Technical Lead, review and provide appropriate support to pre-project enquiries (e.g. as a result of Change Request, Initial Requests, general enquiries).
- - To liaise and co-ordinate with other stakeholders both within and outside of SWD to ensure smooth delivery of projects/systems.
- Build trusting relationships with stakeholders by consistently meeting and delivering upon their business needs; demonstrating and being respected for your domain knowledge.

Leadership & Teamwork

- - Acts as a good team member and shows a positive collaborative attitude, promoting HSBC’s values and behaviours (e.g. taking time to help others and respect others ideas)
- - Demonstrate high standards of professionalism in the quality of written and personal communication
- - Shows flexibility and willingness to apply themselves to different tasks
- - Contributes to a positive work environment for the team
- - Maintains personal and professional development, increasing professional knowledge and skills experience
- - Demonstrates self-awareness of own strengths and weaknesses, seeking feedback and taking responsibility for their own development
- Where appropriate, work effectively as part of a distributed team

Operational Effectiveness & Control

- - Ensure compliance with all relevant internal instructions (FIMs, GSMs, circulars) and external regulatory requirements, including the management of operational risk and adherence to the Group’s standards of ethical behaviour.
- - Ensure that Project Management and project documentation follow(s) Risk Based Project Management guidelines.
- Ensure all documentation adheres to Information Classification guidelines.

This position has no direct reports


- - Responsible for the documentation and maintenance of new and existing Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes within the Enterprise Data Warehouse.
- - Develop a satisfactory level of understanding of the appropriate business systems of the Group and their associated IT development requirements
- - Provide effective co-ordination and communication with distributed teams
- - Provide estimates for development effort from design documents
- - Maintain working documents to ensure they reflect correct functionality
- - Assist and support the implementation of releases
- - Investigate live systems faults, diagnose problems and propose and provide solutions
- - Report progress as required and advise of problems in good time
- - Use experience to develop junior staff where appropriate
- - Use experience to guide offshore development staff where appropriate
- - Undertake additional tasks as directed by line manager
- Analysis

- - Identify, interpret and document requirements for new or altered systems, by working closely with various departments
- - Prepare detailed specifications that describe input, output, and logical operation
- - Prepare/submit Change Requests/GSDs to support the implantation process
- - Review documentation to ensure design meets the criteria and work is of an acceptable quality
- - Create or review testing strategies to ensure all functionality is covered.
- - Support and execute testing as appropriate to ensure requirements are met.
- - Provide support to IT development teams, user departments, suppliers and/or customers to ensure the successful acceptance testing and implementation of the new system, before and after go-live and provide training where necessary
- Programming

- - Undertake technical investigations and program design on new and existing applications as required
- - Convert requirements into a series of instructions coded in a computer language
- - Write, analyze, review, and rewrite programs to departmental and Group standards
- - Compile and write documentation of program development and subsequent revisions, inserting comments in the coded instructions so others can understand the program
- - Update computer programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements
- - Review code and documentation to ensure code meets the design criteria and work is of an acceptable quality
- - Review code from offshore Analyst/Developers as part of the quality assurance process
- - Produce unit test plans with detailed expected results to fully exercise the code
- - Correct errors by making appropriate changes and then rechecking the program to ensure that the desired results are produced
- - Conduct unit testing of programs and software applications to be sure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct
- - - Major Challenges
- - - To deliver good customer service to all stakeholders and the respect and trust of peers and manager
- - - Contribute to continuous improvements being made to standards and procedures to increase productivity/efficiencies in the project management domain.
- - Role Context
- The job holder:

- - Authority and will be expected to work under guidance from a more experienced person (colleague or team leader).
- - May make simple design decisions in liaison with customer requirements but should refer any key design decisions upwards to ensure compliance with local/group standards.
- - Production Support

- - - Business hours support
- - Night and Weekend On-Call support
- - Assist and support the implementation of releases
- - Investigate live systems faults, diagnose problems and propose and provide solutions
- - - Will have no budgetary responsibilities.
- - Has no staff management responsibility.
- - - May be expected to provide out of hours support for change, release, support or problem resolution (possibly as part of rotational scheme).
- - Management & Leadership of Regulatory, Compliance & Operational Risk
- - - The role will adhere to project management risk as defined in the project risk assessment and within the RBPM Framework
- - Implement Group Compliance Policy by containing compliance risk in conjunction with the relevant compliance department. The term ‘compliance’ embraces all relevant financial services laws, rules and codes with which the Business has to comply
- - - The jobholder will continually reassess the operational risks associated with the role and inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices.
- - - Observation of Internal Controls
- - - The jobholder will adhere to, and be able to demonstrate adherence to, internal controls e.g. SWD RBPM.
- - Ensure compliance with all relevant internal instructions (FIMs, GSMs, circulars) and external regulatory requirements (including Sarbanes Oxley), including the management of operational risk, security and adherence to the Group’s standards of ethical behavior


Knowledge & Experience / Qualifications (For the role – not the role holder. Minimum requirements of the role.)

- - 3-5 years of experience in Datastage Development, support and Production Support
- - Knowledge of IBM DataStage Architecture, Stages/Transformations, Design, ETL flow, advanced SQLs
- - Knowledge of data loading techniques using DataStage
- - Knowledge of SQL and Data Loading techniques (Using BTEQ, FLoad, MLoad, TPT) in Teradata
- - Experienced in DataStage Parallel Extender jobs development using different stages like Aggregator, Join, Merge, Lookup, source dataset, External Filter, Row generator, Column Generator, Change Capture, Copy, Funnel, Short, peek stages etc.
- - Knowledge and experience on DataStage Director for running, monitoring and error management the jobs.
- - Experienced in development of DataStage sequences to run


Pune, Maharashtra


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