Security Service Engineer



Do you have a passion for security and excitement about impacting some of the largest and most complex security challenges Microsoft is involved with today in hosting petabytes of business-critical customer data? We’re looking for a Security Incident Response Manager with the right mix of technical depth, engineering background, on-line services experience and collaboration skills to help grow and protect Office 365 cloud services.

Microsoft 365 is at the center of Microsoft’s cloud first, devices first strategy bringing together cloud-hosted offerings of our most trusted communications and collaboration services (like Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and more!) with our cross-platform desktop and mobile clients. Our customers depend on our services to achieve success in their organizations; whether it be a Fortune 100, small business, non-profit, or educational institution. You pass by dozens of our customers on your drive to work every day! Our customers trust us with their most critical data, and we honor that trust with continuous investment and improvement in the security of our services.

As a Security Incident Responder, you will provide coordination and leadership during information security incidents for Microsoft’s Experiences and Devices division. Your passion will show as you step into a crisis and lead teams to a successful resolution. You will be responsible for ensuring that established processes are followed, decision points are documented, all relevant parties are engaged and understand the mission, and that customers and executives are up to date. You will also participate in required meetings, activities to discuss incidents and facilitate discussion around trends and early warning indicators, as well as help design solutions to emerging threats. M365 Security is a fast-paced team that constantly provides new opportunities to learn and grow.

- Analyze potential security issues and develop investigation and resolution plans
- Facilitate implementation of established plans and procedures
- Communicate complex and technical issues to diverse audiences, orally and in-writing, in an easily understood, authoritative, and actionable manner
- Rapidly react to changing situations and develop new plans based on recent discoveries
- Drive enhancements at every level of the OSI model to improve detection, response, and remediation
- Coordinate with internal and external business partners and security teams at a deeply technical level.


Hyderabad, Telangana


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